House of Royal T. Beauty Bar and Lounge

House of Royal T. Beauty Bar and Lounge is an award winning salon located in San Antonio Texas. We have a well educated staff to provide you with all your hair care needs. Treat yourself like the royalty and others will follow suit at House of Royal T. Beauty Bar and Lounge.


House of Royal T. Beauty Bar and Lounge is an urban and upscale multicultural hair salon that is up-to-date on all of the latest trends in hair cutting and styling to help you put your best face forward. Taking the time to get to know each client on a personal level, the stylists here will take into consideration your face shape, skin tone, styling time, and other important factors before beginning their miracle work. Too often, this crucial step is skipped and clients are left dissatisfied with a haircut that has been rushed to finish. Layers stick out every which way, hair flips up unintentionally, and instead of styling being easier for you, it becomes more difficult. At House of Royal T. Beauty Bar and Lounge, you will never leave unhappy.

Offering comprehensive hair services, you can receive a hair evaluation and then receive advice and guidance from experts on what options would be best. If you are looking to add body and length, hair weaves or extensions are ideal. Available in a wide array of color and textures, the styling team at House Of Royal T. Beauty Bar and Lounge is eager to help you decide on a choice that fits your individual personality and style. If you are looking to add some color, highlights and full hair color services can be administered. Performed with expertise, it is ensured that your natural hair will never be damaged during the process.

If you do not feel like making the commitment to a specific cut or color, or if your hair is damaged, hair wigs could be beneficial to you. Also available in an array of sizes, colors, and textures, the wigs here will allow you to change your hair as often as you change your clothes! Made both durable and affordable, hair wigs at House of Royal T. Beauty Bar and Lounge are sure to impress Making Life Royal one Queen at a Time....

Proudly serving San Antonio, TX

Please, No Children Allowed unless they are receiving a service